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  1. Raglan White and Black Babe Tee
  2. Farmville Four Tee
  3. Orchid Tri Sigma Tee
  4. Glam Baby Tee
  5. Silver Skull Necklace Charm
  6. Natural Tri Sigma Established Tote
  7. Purple Tri Sigma Tote
  8. 1898 Sigma's Version Baby Tee
    Restocking Soon!
  9. Faithful Short Sleeve
  10. Faithful Tote
    Restocking Soon!
  11. Tri Sigma Repeat Cup
  12. Butterfly Tee
  13. Tri Sigma Prism Tee
  14. Sale
  15. Purity Bracelet
  16. Expandable Ring
  17. Vertical Lavaliere Necklace
  18. Founders Signature Bracelet
  19. Black Skull Tee
  20. Wine Skull Tee
  21. Heart Skull Tote
  22. Skull Pocket Tee


  • I'm loving all the new merch -- and I found the perfect gift!

    Kelly Kuzara