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  1. Locket Key Chain
  2. Shadow Script Sticker
  3. Raglan White and Black Babe Tee
  4. Noir Crewneck
  5. Farmville Four Tee
  6. Orchid Tri Sigma Tee
  7. Orchid Tri Sigma Hoodie
  8. Bid Day Pack
  9. Glam Hoodie
  10. Coat of Arms Sherpa
  11. Coat of Arms Sherpa
  12. Glam Baby Tee
  13. The Kelce Crew
  14. Silver Skull Necklace Charm
  15. Natural Tri Sigma Established Tote
  16. Purple Tri Sigma Tote
  17. 1898 Sigma's Version Baby Tee
    Restocking Soon!
  18. 1898 Sigma's Version Crewneck
  19. Faithful Short Sleeve
  20. Faithful Long Sleeve


  • I'm loving all the new merch -- and I found the perfect gift!

    Kelly Kuzara