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  1. Tri Sigma Crewneck
  2. Tone on Tone Outline Crewneck
  3. Tone on Tone Outline Crewneck
  4. Tri Sigma Letters Sweatshirt
  5. Foundation Sweatshirt
  6. Empowered by Eight Hoodie
  7. Faces Crew Sweatshirt
  8. It's a Good Day
  9. Pride Sweatshirt
  10. Sweet Tart Sweatshirt
  11. Candy Corn Sweatshirt
  12. Merry and Bright Sweatshirt
  13. Reindeer Stitch It Sweatshirt
  14. Home of the Tri Sigma Sweatshirt
  15. Wisdom Crew Neck Sweatshirt
  16. Founders Day Sweatshirt
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  17. Founders Sweatshirt
  18. Established Script Crew
  19. Established Script Crew
  20. Butterfly Crew Sweatshirt
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  22. Corded Cotton Cropped Sweatshirt


  • I'm loving all the new merch -- and I found the perfect gift!

    Kelly Kuzara