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  1. Faces Crew Sweatshirt
  2. Sweet Tart Tee
  3. Hanukkah Tee
  4. Wisdom Tee
  5. Tri Sigma Pride Tee
  6. 1898 Tank
  7. Tri Sigma Empowered Confidence
  8. Tri Sigma Empowered Confidence
  9. Classic Alumna Tee
  10. Tri Sigma Alum Script Tee
  11. Lagoon Long Sleeve
  12. Monogram Tee
  13. Standard Tri Sigma Long Sleeve
  14. Lagoon Tri Sigma Script Tee
  15. Tri Sigma Pennant Tee
  16. Sisterhood Tee
  17. Tri Sigma V-Neck
  18. Empowered Script Crew Neck
  19. Tri Sigma Empowered Tee
  20. Bold Tri Sigma Tee- Turquoise
  21. Script Alumna Crew Neck Sweatshirt


  • I'm loving all the new merch -- and I found the perfect gift!

    Kelly Kuzara